HandyCache Proxy To Save Your Internet Quota

Modern internet culture especially in indonesia could be said to be progressing more rapidly, much less a computer or laptop device is now currently start at affordable price. even now people who want to have a computer/laptop can take the credit even though the money is still not enough.
With more and more of his community who have devices such as a computer or laptop, they also do not want to miss with the internet world. so such a condition many internet service providers with the race to promote cheap internet price at their service. up to an internet service provider that uses a GSM or CDMA card.
But alas, what's offered by internet provider of ISP-based GSM/CDMA card is not so well understood by the public at large. that the ISP provides internet-based package Quota.

HandyCache Proxy download fullThus, for you are many times using internet with the gsm/cdma modem, if you need to save your internet quota, then you need to use a proxy server application. This application we put on our own computers and the browser we should set the point port to the proxy application port.so later what we already had access to siteson the internet, the later can be saved in our computer, so that if one day we are accessing the same site, then the browser will be redirected to the local proxy, whether in the request that is already in the proxy? If the file direquest already exists the tp has experienced changes? If nothing changes, then the user will be get ther request from the local proxy, if it is out of date, it will be get directly from the website. so. .. where the quintessence of the use of proxies.
You could save up to quota even approached 50% even more.
If we talk about an application proxy, in fact there are so many types like CCproxy etc, and before HandyCache was released, i always used SquidNT to safe my internet bandwidth. but the drawback application is not so friendly for lay users.

But here I recommend you to use an application proxy that is easy enough to operate i.e. HandyCache.
If you are using a proxy such as squid applications or similar applications, it is not able to save the original file to the corresponding cache. one example is if you use squid or perhaps ccproxy, then you download mp3 data. the result data in the cache will be shaped as binary data.
But if you use HandyCache, then HandyCache stored the cache according the original data.
It's a bit troublesome if one day we want to retrieve files from the cache directly or to manage proxy cache files either for some reason.

trafik monitoring handycache pic
Log monitor of HandyCache
But here I dont intend to compare which the best application is, all applications aimed at the same goal,definitely also has the advantage of own-self.
I recommend this application because handycache easier to work with, Although in certain destinations will also be more in need of knowledge about regular expression nor the lua programming to boost the performance. But if we are talking about a fundamental needs, I think HandyCache been pretty satisfying to be used by a novice without complication with difficult affair.

Well, I guess it doesn't take much to write. If you want to try HandyCache, you can directly download this free application below:
HandyCache 571
If you like the software, you can buy a license to their official website, and handycache have a cheaper price than other similar software. Visit their website at www.handycache.ru.